Securus Documents was formed by John M Gomery and Terry J Johnson in 2019; incorporated in 2021. The founders have worked together for almost 30 years and collectively have over 80 years of experience with Information Technology. Their last technology company was purchased by Versatile Systems Inc, a publicly traded company, because of its' technology acumen/experience and customer list.

They were motivated to start Securus after discovering a huge problem. With the advancement in technologies, a new approach would be used to bring automation to help solve this problem. It would be based on a super safe storage vault (Distributed Ledger on Blockchain) and identity/access management (IAM) facilitated by biometrics. Another important focus has been on the end user experience.

Over the last several years this effort has led to the creation of several products. With the use of all the above, there are now new solutions for Probate/Estate Settlement and the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) processes. One of the solutions has been called a potential game changer.

There are future opportunities to solve problems in Estate/Financial Planning, Legal, Healthcare and others using the company's platform framework in conjunction with E- Signatures, E-Notarizations and Smart Contracts. AI also adds new dimensions with the use of Large Language Models. Securus Documents is open to white/private labeling and partnering; B2B or B2C.